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From 1991 to 2022 in a few words.

Robin Declercq is a young artist born in 1991, in Paris. Made familiar from an early age to drawing, architecture and design thanks to parents who were interior designers, he quickly discovered his artistic side.

Not knowing what the future holds for him, he starts his own graphic design and visual communication business. After working for a few years, he notices the constraints put on his creativity, as a result of customers' briefs and over those years begins to feel his imagination is not being fully maximised. He finally questions his career, and his need for artistic freedom arises.

Robin travels to many different places in the world, like New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Budapest, immerses himself in each culture and naturally picks up what inspires him. Eventually, in 2014 he operates a major change.

Being self-taught, creative and perpetually curious, he begins experimental work on a series of large sized modern portraits, painted in black and white then contrasted by striking colors. His work is shaped by a variety of subjects, focusing mainly on public figures, models, and artists.

Street art, fashion, and musical influences distinctively emit from it. Opposites are reasonant throughout his pieces of artwork, and on both form and content the contrast is key. Meanwhile, his brush style appears raw and bold and his research into texture and colors is continual.

Nowadays, Robin Declercq sells worldwide, continues his creation of powerful and immersive pieces, and the now-famous people he chooses to paint in fact become his first customers.

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